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Family & Consumer Science/Human Sciences & Education


Family and Consumer Sciences empower individuals and families across the life-span to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse, global society. The work and family relationship is a unique focus of the discipline. The study of Family and Consumer Sciences helps the student develop an understanding of how individuals interact with others and with their surroundings; how individuals cope with change; and how individuals learn to manage his/her life in a meaningful way.


Required Course

Human Growth and Development (one semester) -
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Honors Courses

Honors Human Growth and Development (1 year or 1 semester)

Honors Introduction to Education 1-2
Honors Child Development 1-2, 3-4


Elective Courses

Clothing Textiles 1-2

Clothing Textiles 3-4

Creative Textiles (one semester) Comp Design Fashion 1-2

CAD Fashion 3-4

Design Workshop

Independent Study FCS 1-2 (Child Development Internship)
Family Living (one semester)

Foods 1-2

Culinary Skills 1-2

Sports Nutrition (one semester) Teen Parenting 1-2

Teen Parenting 3-4

Teen Parenting 5-6

Teen Parenting 7-8

Foundations of Healthcare
Parenting (1 semester)

Course Descriptions (PDF)