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The goals of the Mathematics Department are to improve and extend arithmetical skills, to develop a facility with the kinds of problems most citizens meet, to develop a facility with mathematical skills and concepts necessary to use in jobs, technical schools, armed services, and college work; and, to provide personal enjoyment. It is the goal of the department to provide opportunities for each student to progress in mathematics as far as personal ability, maturity, interest, and time allow.


6 credits are required for graduation


Required Courses

Students will take courses which best meet their needs, as determined by level and success in previous coursework. Math is sequential and classes must be completed successfully before moving on to the next course. Regardless of the first math class taken, all students must earn 3 years of math (6 credits) in order to graduate. This may range from Ramp Up to Algebra, Algebra 1-2, and Geometry to Honors Algebra 3-4, Honors Trigonometry/Pre- Calculus, and AP Calculus. It all depends on the individual student’s point of entry in the sequence.


Honors Courses

Honors Algebra 1-2

Honors Geometry 1-2

Honors Algebra 3-4

Honors Pre-Calc/Trig 1-2

Honors Calculus 3

Honors Differential Equations

Honors Enrichment Math 1-2

Honors Advanced Topics 1-2


AP Courses

AP Statistics 1-2

AP Calculus AB 1-2

AP Calculus BC 1-2


Elective Courses

Math Essentials 1-2

Math Essentials 3-4

Math Essentials 5-6

Ramp–Up to Algebra

Algebra 1-2

Geometry 1-2

Bridge to Algebra 3-4

Algebra 3-4

Math Topics Analysis

Pre-Calc/Trig 1-2

Consumer Math

Course Descriptions (PDF)