Located in the heart of downtown Omaha, Central High School has a long history of collaboration with corporations and business leaders. We recognize the value of strategic academic/industry partnerships to help strengthen our region's economy and community.

The Central High School Foundation has secured four Adopt-A-School partnerships, each teaming with Central to provide unique learning opportunities for its students: Coca-Cola, First National Bank, Midland University, and Nebraska Methodist College.

Central and the CHS Foundation greatly appreciate the Adopt-A-School partners and continue to look for local businesses or community entities interested in promoting student excellence within or outside of CHS walls.

      mnb   Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is helping students to "Go Green" and "Live Well" by developing a recycling program. CHS art students worked with Coca-Cola employees to design recycling canisters that were placed throughout the CHS campus.

"Taking old Coke barrels and having our art students design and turn them into recycling containers was fun to watch," commented Central Art Department Chair Jane Taucreti. "The students enjoyed the project and like to see their work displayed around campus."


First National Bank

First National Bank and CHS are natural partners, as both the school and the bank have significant histories that date back more than 150 years. Their reputations as cornerstones of the greater Omaha community and anchors of the downtown business district make them uniquely suited to be partners in this endeavor.

"Omaha Central's role as an urban, college preparatory school is vital to our community," said Clark Lauritzen '95, President, Wealth Management and Investment Banking at First National Bank. "Students from all walks of life have called this school their alma mater and used the knowledge and experience gained here to build outstanding careers and make a difference. The school and its programs continue to be as relevant today as they were when I attended Central."

Central High School's world language students teamed up with First National Bank to assist with Cinco de Mayo, Omaha. First National Bank also hosted a banking seminar on saving for retirement for Central High School teachers and staff.


Midland University

Midland University is offering students college credit in AP Calculus, AP English Language, and AP Chemistry. Dual enrollment students also have free access to the Midland University online resources and library.

"Dual enrollment allows Central students to get a jump start on their college career," said Cathy Andrus, IB/AP/DE Coordinator. "By partnering with Midland University, our students are able to earn college credit right here in the walls of Central High School."

Midland University also provided support for the Math Club by sponsoring the Math Olympiad.


The Nebraska Methodist College (NMC)

The Josie Harper Campus partnership has opened opportunities for Central students to experience new settings and enhance their scientific knowledge. Science students are learning on the NMC campus by working in their cadaver and phlebotomy labs.

"The opportunity to take our students into working labs and give them hands-on experiences is invaluable," said Jean Whitten, CHS Science Department Chair.

NMC is also sponsoring the Science Club and provided lab coats for Central High School students who go into elementary schools and perform and assist elementary students with labs.

In addition, NMC provided free medical tests and assessments for CHS staff. NMC faculty checked blood pressures and blood sugars, provided diabetic and nutritional informational materials and answered health-related questions. Cholesterol screening with immediate feedback was also offered.