Mobile Lab Checkout Procedures

1.  Check the calendar below to see when/if a mobile lab is available.  The calendar is updated as requests are made and confirmed.  Remember:  during an assessment window, priority is given to subjects being assessed.  Check your Assessment Dates calendar for testing windows.

2.  Fill out and submit the Mobile Lab Request Form or email Lori Falcon with the request.

3.  The teacher will receive confirmation of checkout via email.  

4.  The teacher may pick up the cart at the designated time.  NOTE:  Teachers are responsible for transporting the cart to the classroom.  Students are not allowed to transport/push the cart.

5.  Return the cart after your scheduled time, so it may be charged and available for other checkouts.

C0  Cart #0 - Room 049  (Candi Kadar)
C1  Cart #1 - Room 120  (Sara Danielson)
C2  Cart #2 - Room 235  (Lori Falcon)
C3  Cart #3 - Room 315  (Matt Aguilar)

Request Form

Complete and submit the mobile lab request form to use Central's mobile lab systems.  Prior to form submission, be sure you have attended a training session and have read the "Mobile Lab Checkout Procedures."
Room Number  
Cart PickUp
Number of students (maximum in cart=30)  
Send  Reset

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  • Keep the cart locked when not in use - even if the room door is locked!
  • Store the cart key in a secure location.
  • Verify all laptops are returned to the cart in the appropriate spot at the end of each use.
  • DO NOT log into a laptop using your credentials and allow anyone else to use it.

Cancellations & Changes

To cancel the use of the carts:
Send an email to 331_Central Mobile Lab stating your name and the date you would like removed from the calendar. A confirmation email will be sent for cancelation.

To reschedule the use of the carts:

Send an email to 331_Central Mobile Lab stating your name, the original date you requested and the new date requested.

    If there is a snow day, delay or early dismissal, the calendar will not be moved back to accommodate that change.  The teacher affected by this will need to sign up for the mobile lab for another time.

No teacher will sign up for any mobile lab when a substitute is planned for the class.  If the lab has been checked out and the teacher is absent, another lesson should be given to the class and the lab not used.

Proper Use and Care

  • The power cord on the cart should be plugged into a power source whenever the cart will go unused for a period of time.
  • Carts are on a rotational charging timer, so not all laptops charge at all times.
  • Teachers/Students should inspect the laptops at the beginning of use and immediately report any issues.
  • Food and drinks should NOT be anywhere in the classroom when laptops are in use.
  • It is not appropriate to use the laptops as a free-time activity.  They are a tool to enhance the classroom and/or curriculum.
  • When putting the laptops back into the cart, be sure each laptop is: (1) shut down, (2) placed in its correct numbered slot, and (3) plugged in using the correct power adapters attached to the cart's shelves.  Students should not be dismissed until all laptops are accounted for and the cart has been inspected by the teacher.

Student check out form for cart 4

Student check out form for all other carts