Tanya Simmons
Department Head

Jeremy Cisco

Lindsay Cisco

Libby Cruz



Art Department

The goal of the Art Department is to develop and nurture an application of the study of the visual arts past and present. A sequential program of instruction is aimed at mastery in the disciplines of aesthetics, art production, criticism, and art history. This program results from a wide range of experiences: use of art elements and principles of design, the vocabulary of art, the use of art tools and techniques in a variety of media, art survey, art and the artists in the community, and the exploration of continued studies and career opportunities in the field of art.


All courses count towards the elective requirements for graduation.

Required Courses  None

Honors Courses
Honors Studio Art 1-2
Honors Studio Art 3-4

AP Courses

AP Studio Art: 2-D Drawing Portfolio 1-2
AP Studio Art: 2-D Design Portfolio 1-2
AP Studio Art: 3-D Portfolio 1-2

Elective Courses
Art 1-2 (Beginning Drawing/Design)
Art 3-4 (Advanced Drawing/Beginning Painting) (Honors Option)
Art 5-6 (Advanced Two-Dimensional Design/Sculpture) (Honors Option)
Art 7-8 (Advanced Painting) (Honors Option)
Applied Design 1-2
Advanced Applied Design 1-2 (Honors Option)
Advanced Applied Design 3-4 (Honors Option)
Pottery 1-2
Pottery 3-4 (Honors Option)
Pottery 5-6 (Honors Option)

Course Descriptions (PDF)