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Business, marketing, and technology courses are designed to give students a head start in post-secondary courses or provide competencies to begin future training and employment upon graduation. Students should consider taking courses in business, marketing, and technology if they plan to take further courses after graduation, enter the work force, or add balance to their high school course selection.


Sequencing of courses is necessary in order to meet various course prerequisites. Students planning a career path in business should begin the sequence of courses at the 9th and 10th grade levels with basic skill development courses  such as Information Technology Fundamentals and Accounting. With counselor guidance, students should plan a series of business, marketing, and technology courses, integrated with their college preparatory courses to develop skills needed for post-secondary education or for success in the world of work.


All courses count towards the elective requirements for graduation with the exception of Economics and Personal Finance.


Required Courses

Freshman Seminar


Personal Finance


Honors Courses

Honors Accounting 3-4
Honors Introduction to Business (dual enrolled)

Honors Programming 1-2 & 3-4
Honors Cybersecurity

Honors Economics

Honors Personal Finance


AP Courses

AP Computer Science AB 1-2

AP Computer Science Principles 1-2


Elective Courses

Accounting 1-2 (Honors Option)
Business/Consumer Law
Management and Leadership 1-2


Principles of Business, Marketing, and Management (Honors Option)
Fashion Merchandising 1-2 (Honors Option)

Marketing 1-2 (Honors Option)
Marketing 3-4 (Honors Option)

Sports and Entertainment Marketing 1-2 (Honors Option)
Marketing Internship 1-2 (Concurrent enrollment in a Marketing course required)

Marketing Internship 3-4 (Concurrent enrollment in a Marketing course required)

Digital Design (Honors Option)
Digital Media (Honors Option)

Advanced Digital Design (Honors Option)

Web Design


CAD/Design and Engineering

The goals of the CAD/Design Engineering Department are to provide students with a computer based, hands-on experience. Students will explore different areas related to drafting, such as: architecture, interior and exterior design, machine tool drafting, computer graphics, and engineering. CAD/Design and Engineering will also aid students in the development of job related basic skills, which will allow a person to enter, maintain, and succeed in a career or post- secondary school.


All courses count towards the elective requirements for graduation.


Required Courses  None

Honors Courses

Honors CAD Design Engineering 7-8


Elective Courses

CAD/Design Engineering 1-2

CAD/Design Engineering 3-4

CAD/Design Engineering 5-6

Introduction to Robotics 1-2

Robotics Concepts 3-4

Advanced Robotics Concepts 5-6

Industrial Technology Enrichment (Robotics Concepts 7-8)