Megan Kaminski-Doloto
Department Head

Karen Brown

Teresa Carlile

Molly Davies


Sarah Lehn


EL Department


The goal of the ELL department is to prepare and empower English language learners to be successful in their mainstream courses.  Emphasis is placed on the four modes of the English language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), core content knowledge, and life skills.  ELL students are encouraged to be active members of the Central community by participating and seeking out academic support, school activities, and clubs.


All courses with “ESL” in the title meet elective requirements for graduation. All courses with “ELL” in the title meet subject specific graduation requirements.


Required Courses

English 1-2 ELL

US History ELL 1-2

ELL Physical Science ELL 1-2
Human Geography ELL


Elective Courses

ESL 1-2

ESL 3-4

ESL Reading 1-2

ESL Reading 3-4

ESL Reading 5-6

ESL Math Prep 1-2


ESL Social Studies Foundations 1-2
ESL Science Foundations 1-2
ESL Social Studies Foundations 3
ELL Science Foundations 3-4


Course Descriptions (PDF)