Library Student Use Policies

Please be respectful of the library space, resources, users and staff. Follow these guidelines:

Getting Here

  • To come to the library during the day, you must have a pass from a classroom teacher.
  • Be here before the bell rings to start the period. Do not go to Study Hall first. However, if you come during your lunch period, go to lunch first.
  • Once you are here, plan to stay for the whole period unless your pass reads that you should return.
  • Don't bring food or drink to the library. Lunch must be eaten before you arrive. Water bottles are okay -- but not near the computers.

While You're Here

  • Students are expected to be working quietly at all times. Quiet socializing is acceptable while working.
  • If you are not working, or are disruptive or disrespectful, you will receive one warning before being sent back to study hall, lunch or class.

Computer use and printing

  • Students may use the computers for school work.
  • First come, first served to the computers.
  • Once you print, we will ask what subject you’re printing for.
  • Printing school-related work is free.
  • Copies cost $.10 each.

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