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April Henry
Visiting April 18! Click here for more information.

Titles available now at the Central Library!


6 YA Authors Visit Central During 2015-16 School Year

The next young adult author in this year's series, April Henry will visit Central April 18, 5th period via Skype. In all, Central students will have the opportunity to meet six young adult authors during the 2015-16 school year in our library. Through a cooperative program with other OPS high schools, students meet authors via Skype and in person to ask questions about the authors' lives, their writing processes and their works. 

Before each author visit, Central Library will have a generous selection of books to check out to students. Students can sign up with at the library's front desk to participate, then will receive passes in their homerooms to the Skype visit. All students with a 5th period class must get approval from their 5th period teacher before attending.

Author Visit FAQs
Q: What authors will be "visiting" this year and when?
A: Here's what the schedule looks like:

Q: What do I need to do if I want to meet one or more of our visiting authors?
A: Two ways you can sign up:
1) Introduce yourself to Mrs. Eilers or the other library staffers and ask to sign up for the author visits.
2) E-mail Mrs. Eilers and request to be added to the invite list. Her email address is beth.eilers@ops.org.

Q: Do I have to read the authors' books or can I just come to meet the author?
A: It's best to be familiar with the authors' writing and many, many copies will be available of the authors' works to check out before the visit. However, Mrs. Eilers' one requirement for attending the visit is that you must come prepared to meet the author with three intelligent questions in hand.  

Q: I'd really like to meet the authors, but I just don't feel comfortable missing class.  How can I still read the authors' books?  
A: Just swing by the library to check out a copy of our author's books. We get up to 70 copies of each author's books.

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