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An individual’s most valuable asset is good health. No educational process can be adequate or complete if it neglects the physical education of the individual student. Being physically fit enhances self- image and self-confidence which is important to young people in the years when they are growing socially and intellectually. The department’s basic goal is good health for a lifetime. Students learn to understand individual needs and values so they may continue to enjoy good health while growing socially and intellectually.


Number of Credits Required for Graduation   Four semesters


Required Courses    None


Honors Courses    None


Elective Courses

Aerobics 1-2

Advanced Aerobics 1-2

Lifetime Sports/Activities 1-2

Team Sports 1-2

Light Weight Training/Conditioning 1-2

Weight Training/Conditioning 1-2

Advanced Weight Training 1-2

Advanced Weight Training/Conditioning 1-2

PE Mentors

Course Description (PDF)