Science Department

Science and Technology are major influences in the lives of everyone, no matter what their roles in society may be. The Science Department offers a sequence of courses that give students basic science knowledge through the use of scientific processes and technology.  The courses are designed sequentially to prepare students for each future science class, as well as to foster inquiry, problem solving skills which are needed to produce scientifically literate citizens.  The continued advances in technology require citizens to have an appreciation and understanding of science and the role it plays in society.  Each successive science course is developed by expanding and unifying the concepts and processes of the previous course.  


Number of Credits Required for Graduation    Six


  Required Courses

Physical Science or Physical Science Fundamentals 1-2

Biology 1-2 or Biology Fundamentals 1-2

Two semesters of Elective Course(s)


College/University bound students are encouraged to take biology, chemistry and physics, or earth science to prepare them for the rigor of higher education classes.  Honors level courses are recommended.


Honors Courses

Honors Physical Science 1-2

Honors Biology 1-2

Honors Chemistry 1-2

Honors Science Research


AP Courses

AP Biology 1-2

AP Chemistry 1-2

AP Physics 1

AP Physics 2

AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

AP Physics C: Mechanics


Elective Courses

Anatomy and Physiology 1-2 (Honors Option)

Earth Science 3-4 (Honors Option)

Science Seminar 1-2 (Honors Option)

Forensics 1 (Honors Option)

Environmental Science 1 (Honors Option)

Astronomy 1 (Honors Option)

Marine Biology/Oceanography 1 (Honors Option)

Physics 1-2 (Honors Option)

Course Descriptions (PDF)