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Social Studies Department

The goals of the Social Studies Department are: (1) to assist students in examining values and eventually to become committed to those of our democratic society; (2) to aid students in identifying with the United States and to develop a refined sense of patriotism; (3) to acquaint students with the world around them in an effort to help them better understand their position in the world; (4) to teach the skill of class discussion not only to contribute to the knowledge of the class but also to listen to and respect the opinions of others; (5) to teach the methods of doing research, evaluate sources of information, and reach intelligent conclusions; and, (6) to appraise the reality and importance of the world’s cultural and pluralistic nature.


Number of Credits Required for Graduation:    Seven


Required Courses:

US History 1-2

Human Geography


Modern World History 1-2

American Government

Honors Courses:

Honors US History 1-2

Honors Human Geography

Honors Economics

Honors Academic Decathlon 1-2

Honors Introduction to World Religions


AP Courses:

AP Human Geography 1-2

AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP World History 1-2

AP United States Government and Politics
AP Comparative Government and Politics
AP United States History 1-2

AP Psychology 1-2


Elective Courses:

African American History
Anthropology International Studies
Honors Introduction to World Religions
Honors Academic Decathlon

Law and Juvenile Justice
Omaha History

Course Descriptions (PDF)