Erica Meyer
Department Head

Tony Almeida

Matthew Friedel

Francisco Juarez-Palomo

Melissa Kuskie

Ashley McCarville

Micah Ringlein

Juan Trejo Hernandez

Brian Tyrey

Elizabeth Steinauer


World Languages Department

The goal of the World Languages Department is the development of basic communicative skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the target language. The emphasis is on what students can “do” with the language (functional use) as well as what students “know” about language. Emphasis will be placed on activities, which involve meaningful language use. Students should develop an awareness and appreciation of other languages and cultures, which will enable them to interact in an increasingly global society.


World language students have access to computer labs and software programs to reinforce and enhance their language skills. Word processing and Internet searches are a part of language learning at all levels of language study. Student trips abroad and state and metro competitions enhance the students’ program of study.


All courses count towards the elective requirements for graduation.


Required Courses:                 None


Honors Courses:
Honors Chinese 5-6

Honors Chinese 7-8

Honors French 5-6

Honors French 7-8

Honors German 5-6

Honors German 7-8

Honors Spanish 5-6

Honors Spanish 7-8

Honors Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3-4

Honors Spanish for Spanish Speakers 5-6

Honors Latin 5-6

Honors Latin 7-8


AP Courses:

AP French Language 1-2

AP German Language 1-2

AP Spanish Language 1-2

AP Spanish Literature 1-2


Elective Courses:

Chinese 1-2

Chinese 3-4

French 1-2

French 3-4

German 1-2

German 3-4

Spanish 1-2

Spanish 3-4

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1-2

Latin 1-2

Latin 3-4

Course Descriptions (PDF)