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Welcome to my web page. Learning another language can be an invigorating and rewarding experience. In this global society we are increasingly aware of the benefits of increased communication skills and cultural understandings. Central High School has long held a tradition of academic excellence for the Omaha community and we are proud to serve as insructors for a rigorous program that provides 5 levels of Spanish instruction for our students. Upon completion of the coursework students will be amply prepared to face the rigors of university instruction.

Those of you that have studied another language are aware of what a time commitment it can be.  One must dedicate sufficient time outside of the classroom in order to memorize and review the vocabulary and concepts covered during class. By participating diligently and studying regularly students will progress through the levels easily. Organization, practice and perseverance are all key to mastering a second language.

Numerous opportunities exist within our school and our community for cultural activites. Trips are arranged by teachers outside of the school district to travel to places that speak Spanish such as Spain or Costa Rica. I invite you on this journey to a land of opportunity and personal growth. Bienvenidos - Welcome!

Ms. Boeka on a beginning-of-the-year workday