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Lab Information

Each laboratory activity requires a written lab report that is due 2 school days after the lab is completed.

Most of the past labs are linked to on the list at the right of this page.

Often the labs will open in a web browser window.  If they do not you may view it with Powerpoint from Microsoft.  If you do not have Powerpoint a free Powerpoint viewer may be downloaded. Click here (Powerpoint 2003 Viewer).  If this link does not work then navigate to the Microsoft Download Center and search for "Powerpoint 2003 Viewer".  This is the oldest version that is guaranteed to work.  Newer versions should also work to view the powerpoint files. 

Each lab report must meet the following criteria. (See below for an explanation)


FORMAT-Title ; Purpose ; Safety ; Sketch ; Procedure

CONCEPT- Identified ; Explained ; Applied

DATA- Organized w/units ; Sample calculations

CONCLUSION- Summary ; Results ; Source of Errors ; Error Propagation Sequence

Format:(Level 3) These items must be included. Safety will be a grid or a statement about safety issues for a particular lab. A Sketch is required for every lab (usually the equipment set up).

Concept:(Level 4) You must identify and explain the concept. The concept is the scientific principle used by a particular lab.  The application is an occupation or task that requires knowledge of the concept and how the concept is used in said occupation or task.  The application provides an opportunity for a level 4 assessment.

Data:(Level 3) Collected data must be given with proper units and organized in some way (usually a data table). At least one example of each type of calculation must be shown in the lab report.

Conclusion:(Level 3 & 4)  The summary is a brief restatement of the procedures used during the lab. The result is the final calculated value that relates to the purpose.  Sources of Errors is a list of errors that could occur or did occur during the lab.  "Human error" and "miscalculations" are not allowed as sources of error.  The Error Propagation Sequence is a statement that indicates how one particular error affects the data and shows how the error affects the result.  The error propagation must indicate if the error would cause the value of the result to be higher or lower than expected.  An accurate, complete error propagation sequence privides a second opportunity for a level 4 assessment.

If a lab report has all required components AND BOTH level 4 assessments are achieved the lab report will receive a level 4 assessment. If a lab report has all required components AND one level 4 assessment is achieved the lab report will receive a level 3.5 assessment.