Laptop Cart Checkout Procedures

The basics: 

Look at the laptop cart calendar below to see what's available.
Email or visit the CHS librarians to make reservations.
Please report technology problems to Tech Support (David & Ken) or ext. 3344

The details: 

  • Check the calendar below to see when/if a laptop cart is available.  The calendar is updated as requests are made and confirmed.  
  • Email your request to the laptop cart schedulers (aka the school librarians) at this address:  Include your name, dates needed, room number, number of students and any other questions you have.
  • You'll receive a confirmation by email for your reservation.
  • Please note that substitute teachers are not allowed to use the laptop carts.  If the cart has been checked out and the teacher is absent, another lesson should be given to the class.
  • Plan to pick up the cart in the classroom where it is housed.  We ask that students do not transport/push the cart.
  • Return the cart at the end of the last day of your scheduled time and plug it in, so it will be charged and ready for the next classroom.

    CC  Cart C - Room 049  (Candi Kadar's room) 
    CD  Cart D - Room 120  (Sara Evans)
    CB  Cart B - Room 235  (Lori Falcon/Corban Williams) 
    CE  Cart E - Room 315  (Matt Aguilar) 
    CF  Cart F - Room 342  (J. Elliott/Rumbaugh) 
    CG  Cart G - Room 211 (Wiksell)

Checkout calendar

Classroom Use of Laptops

In class check out of computers

  • When unplugging the laptop from the cart, make sure to tuck the cord back in the appropriate slot 
  • Power-up your computer
  • Be patient!  Sometimes it takes a few minutes to run scripts – especially if the person who used it before you didn’t shut it down properly.
  • Never close the machine and put it back in the cart if it isn't working properly. 
  • Food and drinks should NOT be anywhere in the classroom when laptops are in use.

Basic troubleshooting

  • Make sure the wifi light is on before you assume it doesn’t work.
  • If the machine says “running low on resources”, do a normal RESTART and the computer should work fine after that.
  • “Safe Mode” click enter and it should start fine.
  • When in doubt always RESTART the computer before you assume it is not working.  

Reporting problems

  • Please record any problems, damage, etc. on the log.
  • Students should report problem to the teacher.
  • At some point during the day, the teacher should report the problem to Tech Support (David & Ken) or  ext. 3344

Proper Shut down

  • Do a complete shut-down (don’t just logoff or shut the computer)
  • Wait for screen to go completely black before closing
  • If it is taking too long or wants to run updates leave it open and give it to the teacher. The updates are important!
  • Explain the consequences of not waiting

Returning laptops to the cart

  • Make sure they are completely off. Otherwise, they don’t charge properly
  • Make sure they go the in proper space 
  • Plug them in and tuck the cord into the side if it has fallen out
  • Carts are on a rotational charging timer, so not all laptops charge at all times.

Teacher Responsibilities

Ultimately, it is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure laptops are returned to the cart, plugged in and ready for the next user. Ideally, the teacher should stand at the cart and help with check-in.  When this is not possible the teacher should pick a responsible student to assist with the task.


  • Keep the cart locked when not in use - even if the room door is locked!
  • Store the cart key in a secure location.
  • Verify all laptops are returned to the cart in the appropriate spot at the end of each use.
  • DO NOT log into a laptop using your credentials and allow anyone else to use it.

Cancellations & Changes

To cancel your reservation:
Please email to cancel your reservation.