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CAD/Design Engineering 1-2

This course will introduce the students to basic drafting skills, technology, and introductory applications of graphic communications.  The development of visualization skills, sketching, and the use of software programs used in computer aided drafting (CAD).

Number Content Standard/Skill and Knowledge Statements
01 Exhibit correct measurement techniques using whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.
  • Demonstrate ability to read standard ruler.
  • Solve fractional equations to lowest term.
  • Convert fractions to decimals.
02 Demonstrate knowledge of drafting tools and equipment.
  • Identify drafting tools and equipment.
  • Identify appropriate use of drafting tools
  • Produce a single-view drawing using appropriate drafting tools.
03 Demonstrate knowledge of basic CAD operations.
  • Identify and locate basic CAD functions.
  • Produce a single-view drawing demonstrating proper use of CAD tools.
04 Complete computer generated orthographic projection.
  • Analyze isometric drawing to identify the three iso- planes.
  • Create an orthographic drawing from the three iso- planes.

Contact Information

Trent Lodge
CAD/Design Engineering
Head Coach: Girl's Cross Country
Head Coach: Girl's Track & Field 
Office: Room 435 & 437
(402) 557-3300 Ext. 7054 

CAD 1 Assignments

1.) Reading a Scale/Measurement Sheet
2.) Measurement #1  16ths of an Inch
3.) 16ths Inch and Reading a Scale Quiz
4.) Lettering #1

5.) Lettering #2
6.) Numbers #3