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CAD/Design Engineering 5-6

This course will further refine skills developed in CAD/Design Engineering 3 & 4 to produce drawings in either architectural or machine tool drafting. Continued development of board drafting skills will be stressed.

Number Content Standard/Skill and Knowledge Statements
01 Design an architectural presentation drawing and/or an industrial presentation drawing in compliance with specific, identified guidelines.
  • Implement architectural/drafting guidelines and codes.
  • Understand symbols, codes, and terms related to blueprints and other drawings.
  • Understand the design process.
02 Exhibit skill and competence in advanced CAD operations.
  • Apply appropriate CAD operations.
  • Complete drawing within specified time period.
  • Measure using whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.
03 Use problem-solving strategies to solve design problems.
  • Identify problem-solving steps.
  • Analyze best solutions for design problem.
04 Explore an independent study project or presentation model.
  • Utilize the Six Traits of Writing.
  • Select media best suited for application.
  • Implement design process throughout project.

Contact Information

Trent Lodge
CAD/Design Engineering
Head Coach: Girl's Cross Country
Head Coach: Girl's Track & Field 
Office: Room 435 & 437
(402) 557-3300 Ext. 7054 

CAD 5 Assignments

1.) Creating a Sheet and Title Block
2.) Wall Section Drawing