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Trent Lodge
Desktop Publishing
CAD/Design Engineering
Head Coach: Girl's Cross Country
Head Coach: Girl's Track & Field 
Office: Room 435 & 437
(402) 557-3300 Ext. 7054 

Desktop Publishing

This course is designed to be an introduction to the concepts and methods used in desktop publishing. This one-semester course is designed to teach how to use software for page layout. Students will design and produce newsletters, newspapers, advertising flyers, photographic brochures, and posters among other activities. It includes both a general survey of desktop publishing hardware and software and hands-on use of Adobe Design Suite. Students will be introduced to basic layout and design techniques, typography, computer graphics, scanner technology, and the use of various printing devices. Students should expect to leave the course with a general understanding of what desktop publishing can accomplish.


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Duration: 1 semester
  • Credit: 1
  • Grade Level: 09, 10, 11, 12


Desktop Publishing Assignments

Semester Desktop Publishing Assignments:

Assignment Group Points
Business Card Class Assignment 50
Organizational Chart Class Assignment 50
Business Trip to Italy Class Assignment 50
The Home Office Flyer Class Assignment 50
Coupon - Illustrator Class Assignment 20
LyonsHead Logo - Illustrator Class Assignment 10
Island Paradise Letterhead Class Assignment 20
Jefferson College Class Assignment 20
Custom Mouse Pads Flyer Class Assignment 20
DTP Institute Class Assignment 20
Small Book Class Assignment 50
Cereal Box Class Assignment 50
Product Box Design Class Assignment 50
Mixed Messages Class Assignment 50
Subscription Form Class Assignment 25
Sales Flyer for Plane Hoppers Class Assignment 25
English Country Tours Brochure Class Assignment  25
Independance Landscape Brochure Class Assignment 25
Brochure for Condition West Class Assignment 50
Mirage Bistro Menu Class Assignment 100
Cartoon Bird - Illustrator CS3 Class Assignment 50
Illustrator Landscape Class Assignment 50
Summer Vacations Magazine Class Assignment 100
Travel Poster Class Assignment 50


Content Standards
Use productivity software appropriate to complete specific tasks including, but not limited to: creating brochures, business cards, book folds, cards, posters, banners, newsletters and other documents that publically communicate information.
The student will utilize desktop publishing software to develop a stronger understanding of appropriate design techniques
Analyze, describe and follow policies for managing ethical, legal and copyright as they relate to a technology-based society
Assess personal skills, abilities and aptitudes as they relate to desktop publishing careers and lifelong learning opportunities