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Spanish 1-2

Students will learn about the basics of Spanish in the areas of communication, writing, reading comprehension, culture, vocabulary, and grammar through our textbook as well as additional resources.  Students will be encouraged to participate in activities in the Spanish speaking community outside of school.



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Spanish 1-2 Syllabus 

Guide to learning the Present Tense (click on me!)

Guide for learning Reflexives (click on me!)



*Learn your Spanish Alphabet
with the marching song!  

Just click on this link below...



Ideas for success: 

*Check out this webpage for suggestions on how to be successful in a foreign language.

*Make flashcards for vocabulary with which you have difficulty (use red or pink for feminine and blue for masculine)

*Repeat aloud

*Speak to classmates and others in Spanish

*Name objects in Spanish

*Don't make excuses

*Talk to yourself in Spanish

*Form a study group of classmates

*Review and rewrite class notes

*Write all new vocabulary and grammar in your notebook

*Describe pictures and picture strips

*Make review cards: grouping together nouns, verbs, etc.

*Don't pretend to understand if you really don't

*Rent Hispanic films and watch them

*Stay alert and don't "zone out"

*Hang in there, be persistent, and read ahead

*Use mime and gesture to make yourself understood

*Don't be distracted by off-topic conversations and don't distract others

*Practice daily

*Memorize using image, sound, rhyme, etc.

*Don't miss class.

*Teach siblings and family members

*Get a Hispanic pen pal

*Travel to a Spanish-speaking country

*Join World Language club and join in the fun!   




Practice for 1st semester (Winter)Final Exam: (once you click on the link, click on "Start now" and type your answers in the boxes).

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Practice for 2nd semester (Spring)Final Exam:
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

My motto

I believe that culture is the backbone to learning a language.