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If you have questions please email me at:   (email is preferred)

My office: room L22B

My phone number: (531) 299-5588 (leave a message - please email me since this is my phone number but I still do not have a phone)


I am Mrs. McCarville - Spanish teacher - Originally from Iowa - Creighton University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Secondary Education and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership (Secondary School Administration).  I have been teaching at Central since 2007.  I teach Spanish 1-2, Spanish 3-4 and Spanish 5-6.

I am also an adjunct professor in the Education Department at Creighton University.  I have traveled throughout Spain, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, as well as other non-Spanish speaking countries/states.  I love traveling and spending time with my husband and 3 beautiful daughters Abby (4 years old), Allie + Anna (twins, 1 year).  I also love baseball~ especially the Atlanta Braves and Kansas City Royals.  The Baltimore Orioles are alright too :)  During football season, I'm an Iowa Hawkeye fan! --------------------------------------


National Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15- October 15, so in honor of that we will do research to learn more about important Hispanic figures and the countries they hail from.  This will be for both Spanish 1-2 & Spanish 3-4.  Click here for the requirements.


One of my favorite websites:  This website lets you read the front page of newspapers from all over the world in the native language!  I especially love reading what makes headlines in Spanish speaking countries.

Newspaper from Spain:


In the Spring, students from both Spanish 1-2 and 3-4 will have the opportunity to use their Spanish out in the community through a project.  The project will consist of speaking Spanish at a restaurant, attending Cinco de Mayo celebrations in South Omaha, and visiting El Museo Latino  to see art and culture.  It is a fascinating experience that shows students how what we learn in class can be applied in real life.  Usually parents and students alike enjoy the experience this project provides.


Holidays that students will learn about throughout the course of taking Spanish 1-2 or Spanish 3-4 with me: Mexico's Independence Day, Day of the Dead, La Navidad (Los tres Reyes Magos), and Cinco de Mayo.

Students will also be exposed to a variety of Spanish / Latin American cultural music. 

All students are encouraged to visit El Museo Latino in South Omaha for more Spanish culture exposure, and even the Joslyn Art Museum for their occasional Hispanic exhibits.  There are even some excellent restaurants with an authentic Hispanic atmosphere in South Omaha, ask me about my favorites.  I would highly advise all students to practically use their Spanish for the betterment of the Omaha community. 



Midterm Speaking Test -Thursday, October 24

Speaking Questions for Spanish 1-2 and Spanish 3-4, click on me!


*Consider being a part of World Language Club!

We are the club for all students taking foreign language.  If you are in foreign language, you are welcome and encouraged to come to our meetings!  We do cultural activities to learn more about/celebrate each of the five foreign languages offered here at Central High School.  We meet 5 times per school year, after school in room 119, and our meetings last until 4:00 at the latest.  See myself (room 028) or French teacher, Mr. Ringlein, with any questions!

World Language Club will be going to Bellevue Berry Farm on Saturday, October 26th from 5:30 pm - 8:30pm.  We will meet at Bellevue Berry Farm and start with warm food and friends, a hayrack ride, and finish with a walk through a haunted house.  See your language teacher for a permission slip - due back by Friday, October 21st.

Our next WLC meeting will be: __Monday, October 28 

- Monday, December 2 

- Monday, January 27 

- Monday, February  24 

- Monday, April 27

Want to receive text updates or reminders about World Language Club?  

Download the (FREE) Remind app, enter this number: 81010, text this message: @amccarvi


Looking for ways to practice your Spanish?
*Check out the free app "duolingo"....... Download it on your smart phone today to practice Spanish! 

Also, listen to "Super Simple Español" songs on YouTube - any of the songs would be helpful!


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 WANT TO MAKE FLASHCARDS?  Use "Chegg Flashcards" or "Quizlet"

My favorite online Spanish dictionary:

WANT TO STUDY SPANISH FROM HOME?  (they all have good things to offer!)
ser/estar or Hay below
adjectives and adverbs
Free on line exercises
Language drills
National Spanish Examinations
Educational links
Verbs on line
Spanish links




Summer School lessons: (June 3 - June 28) 

 Spanish 1: Week 1 lessons

Spanish 1: Week 2 lessons

Spanish 1: Week 3 lessons

Spanish 1: Week 4 lessons

Spanish 2: Week 1 lessons

Spanish 2: Week 2 lessons

Spanish 2: Week 3 lessons

Spanish 2: Week 4 lessons

Spanish 3: Week 1 lessons

Spanish 3: Week 2 lessons

Spanish 3: Week 3 lessons

Spanish 3: Week 4 lessons

Spanish 4: Week 1 lessons

Spanish 4: Week 2 lessons

Spanish 4: Week 3 lessons

Spanish 4: Week 4 lessons

 *Homework: Study/Review what we went over in notes.

**Your 1st test will be Friday, June 15

**Your 2nd test will be a project due on Friday, June 22

PROJECT guidelines for Spanish 1, 2, 3, and 4 (click on me!)