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ITGS Q1 Tentative Schedule

ITGS Quarter 1 -- Tentative Schedule

     For specific assignment details, expectations and class content see refer to the class blog, class conference in FirstClass or your managebac account.

Week 1 -- August 21 - 24
Tuesday Course Syllabus, Sylalbus Structure (Strands), IB Mission and Philosophy
Wednesday Internal Assessment Project, Learner Profile

Learner Profile Activity, Assignment:  Digital Planet -- Chapter 1

Friday Digital Planet -- Chapter 1, Internal Assessment Project Client/Ideas, Review ITGS Triangle
Week 2 -- August 27 - 31 
Monday Digital Planet -- Chapter 1, Driverless Car and ITGS Trianble, IA Project Ideas
Tuesday Assignment:  Dgital Planet -- Chapter 1 Discussion Questions #3, #4, OR #8 AND Projects #2
Wednesday Work Day
Thursday Command Terms
Friday Command Term Review -- Pencil Activity
Week 3 -- September 4 - 7
Tuesday Assignment:  Gift of Fire -- Chapter 1
Wednesday IA Checklist, IA Expectations
Thursday IB DP FAQ's with Ms. Andrus, IA Criterion A Examples
Friday Assignment:  Digital Planet -- Chapter 2 Hardware Basics Internet Exercise from Companion Site
Week 4 -- September 10 - 14
Monday Digital Planet -- Chapter 2 Internet Exercise DUE, Digital Planet Chapter 2 Discussion Compatibility vs. Performance, Resource:, Assignment:  Digital Planet -- Chapter 3 (assigned section only)
Tuesday Introduction and Use of Prezi, Assignment:  Digital Planet -- Chapter 3 Prezi Outline/Main Ideas
Wednesday Student Prezi's over Digital Planet -- Chapter 3 sections

NO zero hour today -- Assignment:  Check email ITGS Conference for Digital Planet -- Chapters 1-3 Vocab and Basics Quiz (DUE Monday, September 17)

Review Command Terms, Assignment:  Command Terms - Shoes 

Friday Complete Prezi's, IA Updates and Check-in, Criterion B Examples
Week 5 -- September 17 -21

Finish Criterion B Example Review, Revisit Command Term - Shoes

IA DUE DATE:  March 4, 2013

Tuesday Review Learner Profile and Development, Assignment:  Gift of Fire -- Chapter 1 Social and Ethical Issues, Analyzing Social and Ethical Impact (Triangle)
Wednesday Continue Analyzing Social and Ethical Impact, Applying Triangle to Gift of Fire -- Chapter 1, IA Criterion C
Thursday Begin Graphics and Digital Media
Friday Introduction Videos - Microsoft Publisher
Week 6 -- September 24 - 28
Monday Finish Introduction Videos - Microsoft Publisher
Tuesday IA Criterion C; Advanced Features - Microsoft Publisher
Wednesday Continue Advanced Features - Microsoft Publisher
Thursday Assignment:  Newsletter Task (using Microsoft Publisher)
Friday NO SCHOOL - Teacher Day
Week 7 -- October 1 - 5
Monday Assignment:  Newsletter Task work day
Tuesday Assignment:  Newsletter Task work day (zero hour only due 8:00 am); Continue Digital Media - Digital Planet Chapter 6
Wednesday Digital Planet Chapter 6
Thursday Digital Planet Chapter 6; IA Criterion D - Product Design; IA Criterion E - Product Development
Friday IA Criterion D - Product Design; IA Criterion E - Product Development