The mission of Central High School is to continue a tradition of excellence emphasizing academic achievement,
responsible global citizenship, pride in diversity, and enduring scholarship.

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You have completed the first year of this program and now know what to expect.  SGM Sutter has given you the basic tools and knowledge to be successful in JROTC.  As a LET II, we will cover many diverse subjects.  Map reading, Marksmanship, U.S. Constitution, Drug Awareness, Nutrition and Exercise, and First Aid will all be taught.  However, the most important thing that we will work on will be personal responsibility; your responsibility for your actions or inactions, your responsibility to yourself, peers, school, family, and choices.  I am here to assist and guide you as you develop the ability to seek and take responsibility.  Good citizens accept responsibility for their actions, they do not blame others or offer excuses for choices that they have made.  I am pleased to have each and every one of you in my class and hope that you mature and become more responsible as the year goes on.  Finally, you should all know that I hold you to a higher standard than LET I's and the rest of the Central High student body in the areas of respect, behavior, and effort.