The mission of Central High School is to continue a tradition of excellence emphasizing academic achievement,
responsible global citizenship, pride in diversity, and enduring scholarship.

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About Me


1992-1997  University of Nebraska - Lincoln
       B.A. in English and French and Secondary Teaching Certification in English/Language Arts and   
       Secondary Modern Languages/French

2000-2004 University of Nebraska - Omaha
M.A. in English

Professional Development/Continuing Education

2001 University of Nebraska - Kearney
Teaching Lessons of the Holocaust

2004 University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Nebraska Writing Project

2005 University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Nebraska Literature Project

2006  University of Nebraska - Omaha :  Oscar Wilde Seminar

2006 Echoes and Reflections Conference:  New York

2007 Echoes and Reflections Conference:  Israel

Professional Organizations

Nebraska Holocaust Education Consortium
     May 2007-Present

Omaha Education Association

Awards and Honors

Alice Buffett Outstanding Teacher Award
     May 2007

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