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Visual Basic 1-2

Visual Basic 1-2 is the introductory computer programming course at Central.  You'll learn the basics of programming -- designing the user interface, writing the code, and most importantly, how to think and use your problem-solving skills.


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Special Assignments -- In these assignments, students follow instructions to complete designed programs and then are challenged to add their own touches to the projects.  These are intended to enhance the core curriculum.  All Instructions are written for Visual Basic 2005.
 Banner Project Creates a scrolling banner with variable speed and messages.
 Shooter Project Demonstrates collision detection as one object is "shot" towards the target.
 Idiot Project Not the nicest name, but fun.  Try to click on a button which runs away.  Complete with cheat codes.
 Rock, Paper Scissors  The classic game.  Try to outsmart your computer opponent.
 Guesser  Guess the secret number that the computer has selected.
 Multiplication Tester  30 seconds to answer as many multiplication questions as you can.
 Snowflakes  Creates original designs resembling snowflakes
 Soccer Warrior  The soccer warrior tries to score goals within a maze environment.
 Turtle and Bird  Demonstrates simple animation
 Pig Cards  The "Pig" dice game adapted for cards.  Uses the card control and random chance.