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Mallory Mohr
Office: 01B

Family and Consumer Sciences Department

Classes Taught:  Foods 1-2, Human Growth and Development
Softball Coach

Teaching at Central since 2010

Bachelors of Textile, Clothing Design from University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Teacher Certification from UNL (Family & Consumer Science)
Ongoing Masters in Family and Consumer Science Education from UNL

Other information:
Originally from Bennington, Nebraska

Visual Basic 3-4

Visual Basic 3-4 builds on the skills learned in VB 1-2 to create more complex programs.  One and two dimensional arrays, and built in functions are studied more in depth.  During the second semester students design a program of their own creation.  Most students choose to create a game.  Past games include shooter games, mazes, battleship, mancala, checkers, role playing games, card games, monopoly and "Deal or No Deal".  Other students have designed programs to help businesses or teachers.