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Central High School Veterans Biography Project

click here for the list of Central's war casualties

23 Omaha HS students were killed in The Great War, 79 Central High students were lost in WWII, 10 in Korea, and 12 in Vietnam. Their names are listed on our Memorials near the west entrance. Our annual year-long project is develop a biography for each of these men. At the end of the year, the students deliver a presentation along with a written biography on "their" Central student. Their research includes interviews with veterans, CHS classmates, and family members, studying military unit histories, writing to various organizations including the Central High Foundation, the National Archives, the Douglas County Historical Society, university libraries, and the American Battle Monuments Commission to name a few. Our work has been compiled into several large volumes, which also include DVD films made by some students.

*If you would like to help with information, or would like to see any of our work, please contact me:

Mr. Scott Wilson   email:    
                             phone: (402) 557-3367

We would like to thank Ben Sylvester ('42) for his help, guidance, and generosity in helping make this project a success. We would also like to thank Terry Price and the Central High Foundation for being such an important resource. Thank you also to everyone who has helped us along the way!!