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Honors US History (H*U*S*H)

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Course Description
United States History is a two-semester survey course designed to show the importance of America’s pluralistic society from 1900 to the present. It provides an in-depth study of economic, social and political growth of the United States, emphasizing contributions by all Americans. Daily homework assignments are an important part of the final grade. This includes tests, quizzes, in-class discussions, note-taking, or any other material presented in class or assigned as homework.
Expected Outcomes
1)      Examine and analyze conflict and resolution both domestically and internationally in the 20th and 21st centuries.
2)      Analyze and explain United States foreign policy since WWII.
3)      Analyze the movement of population groups within and to the United States.
4)      Analyze and explain the Great Depression.
5)      Evaluate developments in federal civil rights voting since the 1950’s.
Basic Schedule of Topics:
First Semester
World War One (1914-1919)
Great Depression/ New Deal (1929-1941)
World War II (1931-1945)
CBA#1, #2
Second Semester
Post-War through 1950's
Civil Rights Era
CBA #3, #4

RSP #2 Documents for 4th Quarter Project
Big 6 Project Student Instructions.docx
Big 6 Time Capsule Template.pptx