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Central High counselors are here to advocate for all students, collaborate with school staff, families, and community resources. This comprehensive, standard based school counseling program encourages students to reach their highest potential.  Central counselors will focus on key issues that impact student success.  These focus areas include regular school attendance, advancing on grade level and graduation, and preparation for all post secondary/career opportunities. We look forward to working with you!


The CHS Counseling Department consists of ten counselors, a social worker and community counselor.  Students are assigned a counselor by the first letter of their last name. One exception to this is that all students who participate in the English Language Learner program are assigned to the same counselor. Students work with additional counselors who present specialized activities in various areas related to academic achievement, personal- social development, career awareness, and college planning, Counselors meet with students individually, in small groups, and via classroom curriculum.

The counseling office, Room 129, is open 7:00 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. every weekday. To access a counselor, students complete a "Request to See Counselor Form" and their counselor will send a pass for them. In an emergency situation, teachers may write a pass for the student to access the counselor during class time. Parents/Guardians may contact a counselor by phone, email, or by setting up a meeting time.  Please refer to the contact information listed below.


Jenn Walker       A, X, Z       531-299-5653      School Counseling Director

John Flemming         D, O, P, U, V     531-299-5655

Michelle Synowiecki   B, I, K, Y     531-299-7668

Sheri Harrach        F, G, T      531-299-5656

Leslie Hill          H, R      531-299-5660

Angie Meyer   College Counselor: Grade 12     531-299-5659    

Ron Moore      E & E.L. & Exchange Students   531-299-5658

Mindy Morgan       J, L, W     531-299-5657

Julie Politi         M, N       531-299-5661

Tom Reilly       C, Q, S   531-299-5662


Dawnna Hill     Social Worker     531-299-5637

Provides individual and family interventions to support overall student academic success.  Services to include: attendance problem solving, building student engagement, collaboration with internal/external professionals on behalf of the student, community resource connections, crisis response, responding to mental health and substance abuse needs and barriers, special education accommodations, social-emotional building, and teen pregnant and parenting supports. 

Vicki Meyer     Community Counselor     531-299-2666

Counseling & Therapy Programs provided to individual students based on a variety of special needs as a service of the OPS District.  Students can meet during school hours or at an off-site location. 


    Cheryl Carlson      531-299-2670

    Beth Briardy          531-299-2670