Need to Know

(Most recent update at the top.)

  • Voicemail messages will continue to be delivered to your First Class mailbox until the new phone system and servers are in place. 
  • Students, too, will be moving to using Outlook for email. Remember that their email addresses are formatted like this: s******
  • Emails from First Class will not be transferred to Outlook. You'll have access to your First Class emails for one year.
  • If you download the Outlook app to your mobile device, you'll use this server name to log in:
  • Also, when you sign in to the mobile app, this is the email address you will use: e******





Dear Central faculty and staff,

Thanks to all of you who have already logged in to Office 365 Online! For those who haven't yet, I'm sending a reminder to you to log in before our October 20th switchover to Outlook. You'll find an attached document that is a step-by-step written tutorial for using Outlook email; you may also access a video tutorial at this address:

Remember, these are the key things you'll need to prepare for October 20th:
1. Locate the Office 365 site where we'll receive email through Outlook
2. Log in
3. Check email
4. Understand that conferences will still be in First Class until the owners transition them to Office 365.
5. Understand that when someone outside of OPS (parents, community members, etc.) emails you it will appear in Outlook so you need to make sure you check your Outlook inbox and reply to them in Outlook.

Please take the time to go through the steps on the guides. If you are still having trouble after looking through the tutorials, I will be available to you for help in the library before and after school each day next week from 7:15 to 7:30 and from 3:10 to 3:30. Know that I'm serving as your first line of support along with our Building Tech Support. (Note: Please do not call the help desk for assistance until after the October 20th switchover.)

Thank you for your time!

p.s. For those of you who are interested in more detail about using Outlook, check out this extended version of the How-to Guide.
p.p.s. You may notice a shortcut on your desktop that will take you right to the Office 365 Online site.